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Book Review #57: Irish Girls About Town by Various

4 Sep

My second short story collection this year. I’m pretty proud of myself for branching out a little. This is a compilation of short stories by some of the greatest Irish women’s fiction authors out there – Maeve Binche, Marion Keyes, Cathy Kelly, etc.

My favorite story in the collection is Maeve Binche’s “Carissima.”  Of course. The main character had spent years abroad, living in the same town as her married lover. When she returns home, her sisters try to force her into family servitude but with the help of her clever best friend, she stands up for herself and finds herself living the life she’s always wanted. And Aidan Dunn makes an appearance! He was also featured in Evening Class.

The rest of the stories are sort of as expected. Short stories detailing the glamorous lives of young Irish women looking for love and friendship in the big city of Dublin, and around the world. If you are as interested in Irish women’s fiction as I am, you’ll probably enjoy this collection.

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