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Book Review #50: The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

4 Sep

If you love dogs, you will love this book. It’s hard not to. Enzo, Denny’s dog, tells us the tragic story of Denny’s life in such a loyal, compassionate and hopeful way that I was sobbing on the airplane. And yes, people were staring.

The story of Denny, a race car driver, and his wife and child, is not particularly original. Denny get’s married, his wife gets sick and he faces challenges both from his in-laws and from the temptations in his life. Despite the struggles, everything is wrapped up neatly in the end and you appreciate Denny for trying so hard in all aspects of his life – caring for Enzo, fighting for his daughter and racing cars. This is a feel good novel and even though it’s hardly realistic, it leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy and sometimes that’s just what you need. Continue reading

Best Libraries

3 May

Last week, Flavorwire ran a fantastic pictorial of unqiue, stunning and just plain gorgeous libraries from around the globe. You can check out those photos here. The library I grew up with had its charms (like a floppy white rabbit in the children’s library to play with), but it certainly doesn’t compare to any of Flavorwire’s picks.

Anyways, those photos made me think about the most beautiful library I’ve ever been in.  It’s not world renowned, or celebrated in any blog or magazine pictorials. But the light, the windows, the arrangement and the over all feel made me so, so happy when I was in there.

My favorite library, pictured above, is the Lawrenceville School’s Bunn Library. In high school, I spent a summer studying at the school and I’ve never gotten over that library. I might be blinded by my emotional attachment. But it’s also pretty spectacular.

You can check out a larger image at the contract developer’s website here.

So, which library gets the runner up spot?   Continue reading

Cannonball Read IV

7 Apr

Just wanted to note that this blog was created because I’m participating in Pajiba’s Cannonball Read IV! Each year, Pajiba readers compete to see who can read 52 books, and review all 52 books, by the end of the year. Participants place their reviews in the Cannonball Read blog, so please check it out for more reviews. You’ll find everything you could ever want to read reviewed there – young adult, sci fi, mystery, romance, biographies, non-fiction, chick lit, etc. It’s an amazing way to discover new books.

Check out the Cannonball Read blog here.

For more information about the history of the Cannonball, click here.

Katie O does Cannonball Read IV

27 Dec

This blog is dedicated to (1) reading and (2) writing about books I read. After three years of lurking on Pajiba and thinking “hey, I could totally do that,” I’ve decided the moment is now.

CBRIV’s premise is simple: 52 books, 52 reviews, 1 year.

Anyways. That’s all till January 1st, friends.

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