Book Review 48: Lost Girls by Robert Kolker

26 Dec

I’ve read more non-fiction this year than ever before. And the non-fiction books I’ve read this year have, hands down, been my favorite. This is no exception. As someone who reads a ton of mystery and crime novels, my fascination with crimes (not surprisingly) extends to real life crimes as well. As a resident of the tri-state area, I’ve been fascinated by the potential Long Island serial killer since the story broke. I was also equally as fascinated by how little people seem to care. Sometimes an unresolved mystery grabs the attention of the entire country, with updates popping up periodically. This story seemed to simply…run it’s course.

This book explores the crimes committed out on Long Island, but more importantly, it talks about the victims. Most of the bodies found were confirmed to be young women working as prostitutes, or are suspected to be prostitutes. You get a sense of the clues and leads the detectives are following based on the stories of each woman, but you also really get to know them, and their families. There are people who care about them, people who want answers, even though the case has fallen out of the news cycle.

The book is depressing, and sad. And it’s an interesting look at how the media views crime, and how the internet has changed the way families process crimes. The families of these young women banded together through a Facebook group, and have been pushing the case forward where the national news media has not been.  I can’t recommend this book highly enough; it helps you think of the victim’s as people instead of the stereotypes that are often pushed in the media.


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