Book Review #60: Switch by Megan Hart

10 Sep

So, I read this book as a product of my impatience and apparent inability to read context clues. I only read the first paragraph of the back of this book. And that first paragraph sounded generically intriguing: young girl moves back home to reboot her life and career, young girl starts receiving notes in her mailbox intended for someone else, setting her off on some kind of journey.

If I read just one more sentence, I would’ve realized that these notes definitely sent her on a journey. An erotic journey. About 50 pages into this book, after reading 4 extremely graphic sex scenes, it dawned on me. This is an erotic novel. The cover of my copy is almost identical to the  50 Shades of Grey Cover. And if I’d kept reading the back of the book…it was clear that this book is about a girl who discovers her dominant side. After the jump, you’ll see the traditional, non-Target cover, and think “how did you not know this was an erotic novel?!?!”But you know what? I actually liked this book. Erotic literature still isn’t really my thing. But unlike 50 Shades, the main character had a life outside her relationships. A fulfilling life, filled with honest drama between her friends and family. And she used her sex life as an escape from her other issues, which rang true. She was smart, high achieving, and worked really hard at her job.
It was also an interesting explanation of how people get involved in the dominant/submissive cultures. At first, she’s submissive, until she realizes her true calling as the dominant partner. The logistics of the relationship, and the community, were particularly fascinating.
So if you’re looking for a better introduction to erotic literature than 50 Shades of Grey, check this out. But once again, I probably won’t be reading anymore erotic novels. Until I pick up another one by accident by failing to accurately judge the book by its cover.

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