Book Review #50: The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

4 Sep

If you love dogs, you will love this book. It’s hard not to. Enzo, Denny’s dog, tells us the tragic story of Denny’s life in such a loyal, compassionate and hopeful way that I was sobbing on the airplane. And yes, people were staring.

The story of Denny, a race car driver, and his wife and child, is not particularly original. Denny get’s married, his wife gets sick and he faces challenges both from his in-laws and from the temptations in his life. Despite the struggles, everything is wrapped up neatly in the end and you appreciate Denny for trying so hard in all aspects of his life – caring for Enzo, fighting for his daughter and racing cars. This is a feel good novel and even though it’s hardly realistic, it leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy and sometimes that’s just what you need.

The highlight of this book is the voice of Enzo, which is basically how I always imagined a dog would think. Enzo is loyal, faithful, and devastatingly loyal to Denny. And he’s constantly trying to be human – watching TV and trying to communicate with Denny. As much as Enzo relies on Denny, you really see how much we rely on our pets. Enzo is there for Denny is ways no one else could be. He gives Denny’s life a purpose when all is lost. And Enzo knows how much Denny needs him and loves him, and that makes Enzo’s stories wonderful and sweet.

This book is sad at times, and particularly in the end. But animal lovers should check it out the next time they need an easy read.


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