Book Review #49: The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown

30 Aug

Family dramas. My weakness. There’s nothing particularly unique or exciting about The Weird Sisters. But the generic plot lines felt like comfort food, and I got that warm, feel good feeling after reading the book.

The Weird Sisters are three sisters, each named for a tragic Shakespearean character by their professor father, who are struggling to shake their literary legacies. Rosalind, the staid,oldest sister struggles between staying home to care for their dying mother or moving abroad to live and work alongside the love of her life. Cordelia, the baby, gives up her nomadic, wild lifestyle when she finds out she’s pregnant, moving home and trying to set down roots for the first time her life. And Bianca, after losing her job due to some criminal behavior, finds herself moving back home to take shelter from her crimes and continue to destroy the things she loves with her reckless behavior.

Three sisters move home to care for a dying parent. Their struggles are not unique, the resolutions to the problems are not unique. But the book is warm and the sisters orbit each other in a natural way. Many books present sisters as artificially close. These are three adult women who have been living separate lives for years; moving back to their childhood home is stressful. They need to rediscover each other. They need to recognize who has changed and how. It’s awkward; but Brown accurately captures the struggle many adult siblings face when trying to stay connected and recapture their childhood closeness.


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