Book Review #46: By Invitation Only by Jodi Della Femina and Sheri McInnis

29 Aug

When I grabbed this off the beach house shelf, I didn’t look close enough and I actually thought it was the book about the Guilt Group. It wasn’t, but it was a pleasant surprise. Plus perfect for the beach – a family drama and love story set in the Hamptons, written by two women with an insiders view on the Hamptons.

This  is standard rom-com material. Toni’s NYC restaurant fails and she moves home to the Hamptons, where she was raised as a local, to open a catering business and serve as the maid of honor in her glamorous best friend’s wedding. Toni slowly struggles to establish herself as a caterer, with a few social missteps, but ultimately her work ethic helps her business prevail. She predictably struggles with her seemingly shallow, beautiful best friend who ends up being less vapid than she appears. And she predictably meets a man, who she believes is a surfer, who’s relaxed attitude helps change her luck and helps her fall in love again.

Despite the manufactured drama to keep her and her “dream” man apart, I found this book enjoyable. It wasn’t as over the top as these books tend to be, and Toni’s struggle to establish herself in the down economy rang true. The comparison of her struggles with the wealthy residents of the Hamptons was kind of interesting. It’s not a deep book – it’s all about Prince Charming and true love and reconnecting with your roots. But it was simple, meaningful read.


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