Book Review #45: Rogue by Danielle Steel

29 Aug

The theme of my summer reading list was “other people’s books.” I read books owned by the professor I sublet from. I read books left in the beach house we rented by past renters. I read books left in the hostel I stayed in in Lima. This particularly selection came from the beach house’s shelf of lost books, and it was perfect for hot, sunshiney, 90 degree days on the beach.

Rogue by Danielle Steel is about Maxine, a gorgeous psychiatrist who treats adolescent patients. The book is simple. Maxine leaves her ex-husband after they lead a life of adventure, and raises her children alone, struggling to find a new man. And just when she fines her match – stable, friendly, doctor – she finds herself choosing between her adventurous, handsome ex-husband or her new, reliable, steady gorgeous doctor boyfriend. You can probably guess who she chooses.

It’s not really a choice. Instead, he ex-husband ex-husband morphs into the man of her dreams as he helps a third world country recovering from a natural disaster. He’s still adventurous, he still loves her wildly, but his priorities are in line with hers and he’s willing to live a more stable life for her kids. She gets the best of both men in the man she’s always loved.

It’s not a ground breaking book in any sense, but it’s fun and quick.


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