Book Review #37: The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen

6 Jul

Sarah Addison Allen’s The Peach Keeper is a standard tale of secrets, gossip and female friendship set in the South.  Set in a small town in rural North Carolina, Willa Jackson breaks free of her family’s legacy through a series of high school pranks and later, by running a successful independent business. Paxton Osgood is set up as the classic Southern daughter; dutiful, highly involved in the town’s women society and planning the social event of the season.  As Paxton runs into a series of obstacles planning the gala and Willa falls for Paxton’s brother, both women discover they have more in common than they realized.

The book  is fairly heavy handed in its discussion of female friendship.  Paxton and Willa’s grandmothers bonded over a tragic series of events many years ago, and as those long-buried secrets come to light, Paxton and Willa forge their own bond.  A major theme in the book is rediscovering your roots, and your values, by learning to look past shallow distractions like status.

I was most interested in Paxton’s relationship with Sebastian, a man she fell in love with despite believing he was gay. It was a little too neat to have Sebastian be straight and everyone live happily ever after. But I really wanted to know more about Sebastian, and the years he spent as an outcast.  He had the most interesting story, and his struggles with his sexuality would’ve been interesting to explore.

I thought this book would be more…something. More scandalous? More historical? More complex? It was a pleasant enough story of friendship, but it wasn’t particularly special.


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