Chick Lit from Across the Pond

15 May

I read tons of chick lit, or women’s fiction. The general concept is that these books are written by women for women. Chick lit doesn’t do the genre justice, and it should never be viewed as a derogatory term. These are books for women, by women, that span across all genres and address social values, family relationships, romantic love and friendship. They appeal to me because if I pick up a book like The Devil Wears Prada , or Circle of Friends ,  I’m certain to identify with something in the main character – be it her job, her love triangle, her self deprecation or her strengths.

At some point in high school after working my way through most of Maeve Binchy’s novels, I realized that my favorite chick lit comes from British and Irish authors. The cities of London and Dublin hold a mythical appeal to me, for whatever reason. So, without further ado, here are my five favorite chick lit authors from across the pond!

1. Maeve Binchy. Favorite novels include Light a Penny Candle Circle of Friends  and Nights of Rain and Stars .

2. Marian Keyes.  Favorite novels include Sushi for Beginners and Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married.

3. Jane Green.  Favorite novels include Swapping Lives , Bookends and Jemima J.

4. Helen Fielding. Favorite novels include Bridge Jones’s Diary.

5. Sophie Kinsella (Madeline Wickham).  Favorite novels include Confessions of a Shopaholic and Twenties Girl.


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